Digital Impact Week
7 - 11 November 2019

155 Bishopsgate, London

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Be Part of Global Social Change.

Digital Technologies will Transform Globally; Health and social services, Education, and Financial inclusion. There is unprecedented opportunity in Emerging Markets.

At Digital Impact week we will explore how digital technology will be the foundation for global social change.

An exciting week beginning with the Unblocked health conference, and ending with the Digital Impact Summit.

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Digital Impact Summit // 2019
11 Nov
London, UK

Unprecedented Opportunity in Emerging Markets

Estimated 1 billion users in Africa will access the Internet through low-cost mobile phones by 2050.

Digital Impact Summit
Key Topics

• How Digital Transformation is creating Global Social Change
• Who are the middlemen - will charities be disinter-mediated? 
• How Digital Technologies are Helping in Humanitarian Crises
• What are key international agencies doing? (OECD, DFID)
• Role of ethics in technology
• Future Predictions

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Find out more about what is happening at Digital Impact Week! Exciting conferences surrounded by fun and interactive community events.
7th Nov

8th Nov

9th Nov

10th Nov

11th Nov
Women In Blockchain Meetup
Cocoon Global, London

Healthcare Unblocked
American Square, London

Hackathon Weekend
Venue TBA

Hackathon Weekend
Venue TBA

Digital Impact Summit
155 Bishopsgate, London

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Interested in Blockchain?

London Blockchain Week
February 2020

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Women In Blockchain

What better way to celebrate global social change than with an evening for Women In Blockchain? We welcome eager men and women to discover and learn more about Blockchain from distinguished speakers and panellists all dedicated to encouraging women in the space.

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We will be continuing the theme of Digital Impact at this years Hackathon. Teams will come together to solve real world problems, and use real technology to make a change. It will be a fun weekend filled with innovation!

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