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Climate change has a disproportionate impact on the world’s poor. Developing countries will require tens of billions of dollars in new funding annually to adapt to climate changes.  Financial Technology (FinTech) and Blockchain innovations can play a major role in implementing these adaptation plans. Blockchain innovations can help build trust and transparency in international climate finance and could potentially have major implications in scaling and speeding up north-south, south-south, and peer-to-peer climate finance transfers.  This panel  will explore the potential of Blockchain to provide scalable solutions in the areas of: tracking climate finance, results tracking, climate adaptation, financial inclusion, and identity. It will discuss requirements to achieve scale, including building the ecosystem by linking Blockchain developers, and funding sources with people working on problems of poverty. The big problems of our time need bold, collaborative solutions.


Oliver Bolton, CEO, Almond

Sally Eaves, CTO, Emergent Technology

Alastair Marke, Director-General, Climate Institute

Gerard Kelly, Founder & CEO, i renewable

Caleb Storkey, Director, Gett Social

November 11, 2019
11:55 am
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