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The use of digital tools in humanitarian settings is among the most advanced in health. With an estimated 214 million people on the move internationally and forced displacement at a record high, population mobility is one of the leading policy issues of the 21st century. Intractable issues such as wars, violence, political upheaval, religious persecution, economic instability and socio-political crisis uprooted record numbers of people during 2018. A substantial portion of the total upsurge was represented by those under 18 years of age (51 per cent of the global refugee population) and women (between 47 and 49 per cent).The worst rates of preventable mortality and morbidity among women, adolescents, and children occur in humanitarian and other crises. Common challenges for displaced women include access to healthcare, physical abuse, discrimination, sexual violence, and human trafficking (sex trade and illegal human organ trade). How can digital tools be deployed in humanitarian settings to achieve greater impact?


Zufi Deo, Co Founder, BizGees

George Windsor, Head of Insights, Tech Nation

Georgina Brett, Chief of Staff, The Reserve

Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked Events

November 11, 2019
2:20 pm
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