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Since 2018 China’s President Xi Jinping has openly backed blockchain as a key strategic instrument for the country which dominates 70% of the global DLT market; it is changing their society and intrinsic to the Belt Road Initiative. Building on this success, since 2011 the speaker developed what in 2014 The Vatican called “the God Metric … the fastest adopted social impact metric in the world” underpinning legislation in UK (Social Value Act 2012, Modern Slavery Act 2015), EU (smart cities, textile and leather industries), India, Indonesia (2% CSR laws), etc allowing the measurement of non-financial value. In 2016, blockchain enabled the transaction of this intangible value through international mainstream projects such as the Seratio Bank (impact bonds, frictionless trade, loyalty schemes) and through TTP Foundation empowering corporate supply chains by rewarding good provenance of products, projects, organisations, processes and even people.

November 11, 2019
12:45 pm
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