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In 2018  DFID launched its Digital Strategy for ‘Doing Development in a Digital World’.  The new strategy is designed to  ensure that the UK approach to development adapts and keeps pace with technological innovation and change. They plan to use the latest digital technology to push the development system to become more effective, transparent and accountable .  Britain leads the world in humanitarian response; digital technology helps us focus  aid where the need is greatest. Satellite data is being used to trigger digitally-enabled payments before the worst effects of drought are felt by those who are most vulnerable, providing life-saving support.  What has happened since the launch of the strategy, where is impact being greatest and what is next on the agenda?  The financing landscape for social impact is changing rapidly, with ICOs, DeFi (decentralised Finance) , social impact investing and peer to peer lending.  This panel will explore some of the trends and present some new projects aimed at disrupting the traditional methods of financing social impact.


Liliana Reasor, CEO, Suprafin

Darshita Gillies, Founder & CEO, Maanch

Jonny Fry, CEO, Team Blockchain

November 11, 2019
3:50 pm
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