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What are the ethical considerations with the growing use of AI? Privacy & Identity, data management, Geopolitics & surveillance capitalism, Ethics, Web 4 (scoping plus the above), Trust (empirical), paradigm changes (episteme), interactions with humans, biohacking, longevity,  what is the impact of geopolitics on drones, micro-economies (using crypto to create micro-economies of social interactions using burner wallets, for example)…. What does all this mean for ethics?  This Panel will explore important moral and ethical issues related to technology.


Francesco Corea, Research Lead, Balderton

Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Gemserv

Andrea Marmolejo, Managing Partner, Blue Topaz Capital Advisors

Matthew Gardiner, Founder, A1 AI

Alex Jones,Head of Emerging Futures and Technology, DFID

November 11, 2019
10:10 am
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